Neil and I had the best of experiences in the Savannah, Georgia area. It is lovely there, the weather was almost perfect, and we enjoyed a walking tour of historic downtown Savannah complete with a variety of beautiful old churches and residences. They even have their very own version of a River Walk.  However, as I write this we are ON THE WAY to our next destination.

Jesus was often ON THE WAY from one village to another. The Bible says he often ministered on the way; healing, giving sight to the blind, teaching, and even raising people from the dead.

ON THE WAY…implies that something has to be left behind in order for the next experience to begin. Jesus had to leave some things behind to get to the next place on the map. He left his parents Mary, Joseph, his brothers and sisters so that he could embrace new family of Disciples, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Jesus left behind the letter of the Law to embrace that Spirit of the Law.

ON THE WAY…Neil and I must leave the beauty of Fort McAllister State Park for Dreher Island State Park in Central South Carolina which will have, no doubt, a beauty of it’s own. We had to leave the Atlantic to enjoy the views inland. We hope to have left all the bugs behind…period. And we hope to embrace new views, new adventures, new people, new experiences.

From the moment of his birth, Jesus was ON THE WAY to Jerusalem…he just made a lot of stops along the way. Jesus was always on the way…to the Cross. That meant he had to leave the Father behind….to experience earthly relationships. He left the perfection of heaven behind to fully understand the brokenness of this earth. Jesus left it all to embrace you and me at his final destination…the cross of Calvary.

From the moment of our conception, we all began a similar journey. We are all ON THE WAY to our eternity. And one day, in the blink of an eye, we will leave all that we know now; the brokenness of this earth, for an eternity of days in either heaven or hell. I’m ON MY WAY to spend eternity in the presence of perfection. How about you?