Digging Out

Today is the Monday after Easter and a travel day on our great adventure – RV style. Packing and hitching up to the truck was uneventful and that is always a good thing. The rain was holding off and we were buckled in and ready to hit the road.

Let’s pause here so you can visualize the site. We were parked on grass and sand with the street about 30” higher than our truck and trailer tires. The trailer weighs 7 tons; yes, you read that correctly. We tow a 7 ton Fifth wheel trailer behind a Ford F250 diesel truck. But bear in mind the grass and sand had been soaked with heavy rain at different times throughout the weekend. So, buckled up and ready to go, we hit the pedal and heard the dreaded sound of spinning wheels. We tried rocking back and forth, but to no avail. Then we put boards in front of the tires and tried again. No luck, no luck at all, in fact by then we were stuck pretty deep. One of our “neighbors” came over and told us site #39, our site, was notorious for getting people stuck. We apparently were the most recent victims.

When was the last time you were in pretty deep? Maybe without any fault of your own, you’ve found yourself needing to dig out and it is getting messier by the minute. It happens to the best and the worst of us. Sometimes our Christian life takes a dive, we relapse into an old habit or hang-up. Or perhaps we walk blindly into a pit of depression.

It was not long this morning before the maintenance department had a front-end loader and chains hooked up to our truck. With very little effort, they pulled us out of the mud and onto the asphalt. It was obvious they had done this before. So with only a short delay, we were ready to hit the road again with only a bit of mud-slinging to show for it.

In our Christian walk, there will always be those people that point out our obvious mud-pit and condemn us to be stuck. But my prayer for each of us who find ourselves stuck in a muddy mess is that Jesus sends someone or perhaps a group of people that we have been living life and sharing with in Bible study, to come to our aid, doing whatever is needed to take our hand and pull us gently back to the firm foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

Today, is the Monday after Easter and today is just another reminder of the message of the Cross and Resurrection. Isn’t that a message of bringing life out of death, of reconciliation vs. condemnation, and of messes being made into messages? Praise God for Jesus! Praise Him for the people who live out of godly character to help when we are in a mess and need to dig out.

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