Ordinary Days

It is just an ordinary day . Nothing special about it, in fact for the state of Florida, I suspect they have an abundance of days that look and feel just like this one, sunny and pleasantly cool. I am doing an ordinary task – I’m at the laundry mat in the RV Park doing, yep you guessed it – laundry! Now, that’s about as ordinary as it gets.

I’m just an ordinary gal. Nothing special about me, I’m starting to see lines on my face that tell me I’m getting older, just like everyone else gets older. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother – just like so many other women.

Peter was an ordinary man. He had a wife, a mother-in-law, and must have started his ordinary, so many ordinary days ago, like he usually did. Got up bright and early, probably made a cup of coffee, caught up on some things around the house before he made his way to make his way to his ordinary fishing boat on along the sea of Galilee. And there he met up with his fishing buddies, James and John and they did what they ordinarily did on ordinary days that turned into ordinary nights; they fished. And they did not catch anything.

Until the Extraordinary appeared. On this ordinary day in the life of an extraordinary itinerate preacher, this man saw Peter’s boat was empty and stepped inside. He makes an extraordinary request for Peter push the boat out into the deep and drop the nets again. Peter protests, but then gives in and pushes out and drops his nets. And the fish come in so fast, he and his buddies can’t keep up! It was an extraordinary catch on an extraordinary day. It was so extraordinary, that Peter is heard to say “…Master, leave. I’m a sinner and can’t handle this holiness.”

I remember the day when the Extraordinary Itinerate Preacher revealed himself to me. It was a day I will never forget, for I too echoed Peter, “I’m a sinner and can’t handle this holiness”. That day was anything but an ordinary day for me. And Jesus, the Extraordinary, has infused in my ordinary life every day since that day. So, now even on ordinary days like today, even when I am doing ordinary tasks like laundry, even that becomes extraordinary.

Ordinary life; cooking meals, walking 3 miles, work, play – when infused with Jesus become extraordinary. Ordinary has purpose. Ordinary is the stage for showing off extraordinary grace – extraordinary healing – and his extraordinary presence!

Experience the Extraordinary – Everyday – in your ordinary!

See Luke 5 1-8

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